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Toyota delays Prius Prime plug-in debut by an entire season

What was once slated for fall will now be arriving in winter. Hopefully.

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The Prius Prime's styling isn't for everyone.


Toyota's Prius Prime is the latest evolution of the Prius Plug-In. This time around, it's adopting its own look and equipment loadout, which includes some impressive tech. It was supposed to debut in Japan this fall, but like all good things, the world's conspiring against it, and now it won't be out until winter.

The Prius Prime's Japanese debut has been pushed back from Fall 2016 to the winter, Reuters reports. Toyota isn't speaking up on the reason for its delay, but a spokesman did tell Reuters that it's also reducing initial production, with later ramp-ups as the market demands.

This leaves the future of the US-market Prius Prime in question, as well. Japan was the first country slated to receive Prius Prime this autumn, with North America and Europe following in the same season. Given Japan's debut is pushed back to winter, it's likely that other markets will see delay, as well, but since Toyota isn't talking, it's all kind of up in the air.

The Prius Prime features an all-electric range of about 22 miles, twice the distance as the old Prius Plug-In. Toyota claims it will achieve an economy rating of 120 MPGe. Its standout technological feature is its new 11.6-inch touchscreen, which is laid out in portrait orientation, similar to Tesla's Model S and Model X.

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