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Toyota Debuts 2024 Grand Highlander With More Spacious Third Row

Toyota supersizes its Highlander SUV. The new model boasts more space for third-row passengers and their cargo.

Toyota's most spacious midsize SUV will be exclusively American, and built at its Indiana plant.

Toyota's three-row Highlander already stretches the limits of what I'd consider a "midsize" SUV, but apparently there was still room to go bigger. This week at the Chicago Auto Show, the automaker unveiled the 2024 Grand Highlander. The new model is longer and wider, with even more room for third-row passengers and their cargo.

The Grand Highlander was designed exclusively with American drivers in mind, so Toyota's CALTY designers went big. The look stays in line with the OG Highlander, but the automaker's "hammerhead" front fascia and the SUV's shoulders are a bit more squared off. I see more than a little RAV4 DNA in its chunky wheel arches and angular lights. The brand's most spacious midsize SUV, according to Toyota, now has as much interior volume as a full-sized competitor.

Most of the additional volume manifests in the more spacious, "adult-sized" third row and cargo area at the rear. The Grand Highlander boasts around 6 inches of additional third row legroom over the standard Highlander's 28 inches. There's also more head and shoulder room and space for seven carry-on sized suitcases, even with all of the seats deployed. Fold the seats flat and the total cargo space expands to 98 cubic feet. 

All three rows feature cubbies for phone or tablet storage and dedicated USB-C charging ports. In total, there are seven USB ports spread around the cabin and 13 cup holders. That's a lot of beverages.

Buyers will have their pick of three engine options for the Grand Highlander in both front- and all-wheel drive configurations: There's the base 2.4-liter turbocharged gas engine and a 2.5-liter hybrid option. At the top of the line, Toyota's Hybrid Max system mates a 2.4-liter turbocharged combustion engine with dual electric motors to output a combined 362 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. All-wheel drive is standard for the Max, which also claims a 6.3-second 0-60 mph time and a 5,000-pound towing capacity.

Most of the additional interior volume is dedicated to the more spacious third row and cargo areas.


The two hybrid models feature a 1,500-watt AC power outlet, which can power and charge electronics or game consoles, starting at the Limited grade. The nonhybrid gets a 100-watt plug.

Up front, the Grand Highlander's dashboard is home to a standard 12.3-inch infotainment display -- the same system we've seen previously in the new Tundra and the normal Highlander. It features Toyota's suite of 4G LTE connected services for cloud navigation and destination search, Wi-Fi hotspot, over-the-air updates and more, as well as standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander will be offered in XLE, Limited and Platinum grades with standard Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 driver aid suite and new Proactive Driving Assist, which applies braking or steering support to help drivers navigate curves while enhancing the also-standard adaptive cruise control. Pricing, more detailed specs and on-sale date will be announced later this year.