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Toyota confirms Apple CarPlay compatibility by 2015

The first Apple CarPlay compatible Toyota models are just about a year away.

"Come 2015, you'll be able to get the iPhone experience you love in your Toyota with Apple CarPlay," says Toyota. Toyota

Today, an entry on the official Toyota UK blog gives us an idea of when to expect Apple's new CarPlay smartphone integration for iOS devices to make it into a Toyota near you. The announcement states that "come 2015" we'll be seeing the technology in Toyota dashboards.

So, it's going to be a while before your Corolla can become the biggest iPhone accessory that you own. That said, one model year is a fairly quick adoption in the glacial world of automotive update cycles. (Remember, it took over a decade for USB ports and Bluetooth to reach their current levels of ubiquity as audio sources.)

We've known since the announcement of CarPlay that Toyota was a "committed partner" and would eventually be bringing the technology to future models in its line. We knew this because it said so right there at the bottom of the Apple's website. Today's announcement just lets us know how committed Toyota is to the technology.

What the article doesn't state is which Toyota models will be the first to get CarPlay compatibility, how the CarPlay technology will coexist with the automaker's Entune app connectivity suite, or if (or, more correctly, when) we'll see any bleed over into the automaker's Lexus luxury marquee.