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Toyota begins Corolla production at new Mississippi plant

Toyota opened a new $800 million assembly plant near Tupelo, Mississippi. The plant will will employ about 2,000 workers to assemble new Toyota Corollas.

Toyota broke ground on its new Mississippi plant in April 2007. Toyota

Toyota today announced the opening of a new plant near Tupelo, Miss. The $800-million plant will assemble the new Corolla.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi (TMMMS) covers 1,700 acres. The plant will produce 150,000 vehicles per year and will employ about 2,000 workers, Toyota said in a press release.

Toyota opened the Mississippi plant to keep production closer to its U.S. customers. Engines for the new Corollas will be provided by Toyota's Buffalo, W. Va., engine plant. And cylinder heads and blocks for those engines are produced at Toyota's Bodine Aluminum castings plants, in Troy, Mo., and Jackson, Tenn.

"Mississippi has provided us with a great workforce who welcomes challenges and are eager to learn," said Masafumi Hamaguchi, president of TMMMS, in a press release. "Our slogan is: 'Always look for the best way, using our pioneer spirit.' The Mississippi workforce has shown that they have this spirit."

The new Toyota plant will produce 150,000 vehicles per year. Toyota