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Touring the LA Auto Show

Concept cars and production vehicles on display at this year's show range from the purely practical to the fantastic.

Many carmakers at the LA Auto Show this week are responding to consumers looking for convenience, custom touches and fuel efficiency.

In L.A., the hybrid is, like, so last year

While carmakers at the LA Auto Show tout hybrids, the eco-friendly buzz in Southern California is now around biodiesel.
Photos: Alternative-fuel vehicles
January 6, 2006

Car trends mirror age of individual style

At the LA Auto Show, carmakers cater to consumers demanding customization, convenience available on the Net.
Images: California dreamin' for concept cars
January 5, 2006

photo gallery Concept cars range from a high-speed Bugatti to a three-wheeler from VW and a snowboarder's dream from Suzuki.
January 5, 2006

blog The buzz at annual LA Auto Show is all about the fastest car in the world, Bugatti's Veyron 16.4.
January 5, 2006

blog The ultimate driving machine for Southern Californians squeezed by real estate prices? An urban loft on wheels.
January 5, 2006

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