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Top Gear

'Top Gear's' YouTube 5th anniversary tribute

Top Gear toasts YouTube with a collection of 20 car videos.

Jeremy Clarkson
Footage on YouTube shows a young Jeremy Clarkson extolling the virtues of Ferrari and hair. Top Gear

Our favorite U.K. car publication, "Top Gear," posts an excellent birthday tribute for YouTube. This collection of 20 automotive-oriented YouTube videos includes everything from amateur hoonery, professional race footage, stunts, and clips from "Top Gear's" own program.

We were held entranced for a good 10 minutes watching footage of crashes from Finnish rally car racing. Then there's Jeremy Clarkson getting his face reshaped in an Ariel Atom and a few loose wheels on racetracks.

The feature is a photogallery with quick descriptions and a link out to YouTube for each video.

Check out "Top Gear's" YouTube birthday present.