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Top Cars of 2012: CNET On Cars Double Holiday Special

We reviewed around 100 cars in 2012. Here are the five that we scored the highest: It's a list that may surprise you.

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The top-scoring cars of 2012 are, happily, an oddball assortment. If they were just a bunch of Audis and BMWs, I'd be as bored as you would. But cars with many different brands on their trunks came through this year, delivering great CNET ratings in a variety of price categories; though, of course, pricey cars do tend to have an advantage.

So if you want to see the year that was in cars and tech, sit back and enjoy this double-length holiday special as we take you through the videos of the five best -- as well as a bonus car that came in as CNET's Tech Car of the Year at the last minute!

Happy holidays, and thanks for watching CNET On Cars. Keep that e-mail coming. A number of you have asked about the RSS feed for the show, and that's up at the top of this post. Subscribe away! And follow CNETOnCars on Twitter and you'll know what I'm up to with the show as it happens.

- Cooley