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Top car tech from CES and the Detroit auto show: CNET On Cars Episode 10

A new day dawns for apps in your dash, and we find the most high-tech car at the Detroit auto show -- it's not what you think.

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We open the year with a double header from what I think are the two biggest car events in the U.S. each year: The Consumer Electronics Show and the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The latter makes total sense in a show like this, but CES has also moved up the ranks as a major moment for car tech. I mean, Ford and GM climbed all over each other in a battle to be the first major automakers to open their vehicles to developers. That's what you call a major shift.

As for Detroit, I'll be honest: The flu grounded me in Las Vegas after CES, so Wayne and Antuan ran with the ball in the Motor City and brought us back some great stories: Ford Atlas (thinly-veiled taste of the next F-150), Corvette C7 Stingray, hot as a pistol Caddy ELR and the remarkable VW CrossBlue concept are among the ones I found most notable.

As I write this we have just finished shooting the Cadillac ATS which I am prepared to call their most relevant car ever, and a huge sigh of relief since Caddy has snickerable track record of doing small cars in the past. More on the refreshing ATS in the next episode on February 4, 2013.

- Cooley