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Top 5 reasons you're a bad driver

Here are the real reasons we do dumb things on the road.

The most dangerous things about driving are not the risky moves we make but why we do them. A major new survey of 2,000 American drivers by forensics firm Envista revealed attitudes you probably hold subconsciously; seeing them in black and white makes them seem pretty ridiculous.

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  • 36 percent of us justify being distracted by saying we just do it "for a minute," never mind that even seconds of distraction are enough for a major incident. Don't look for tech to solve this one.
  • 40 percent of us justify driving drunk by saying it was the only/cheapest/easiest/quickest way to get home. New tech is coming that could slam the door on this scourge.
  • 47 percent of us justify road rage by acknowledging it's stupid. At least this attitude is unvarnished. Road rage feels even stupider when a GoPro captures it to YouTube. Forever.
  • 48 percent of us justify speeding by blaming the boss, or whoever is waiting for us on the other end of our drive. Being late drives speeding, tailgating and light running and those people behind you who honk to rush you the millisecond your light turns green.

Going the other direction is a low number: Just 37 percent of people who drove drunk said they were confronted about it. The rest of the time, spouses, friends, kids and bartenders kept quiet and hoped nothing went wrong.

And you wonder why autonomous cars are coming.