Top 5: Electric cars that will change your mind about them.

99% of us don't buy electric cars, but here are 5 reasons that will change.

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Watch this: Electric cars that will change your mind

Most of you think electric cars are pretty interesting...for someone else.

An encouraging 30% of new car buyers in the U.S. consider an plug in car when they head out shopping, but only 3% of them pull the trigger. Some combination of high sticker price, low range, slow charging, lack of charging locations, often uninspired styling and just plain lack of awareness keep these cars niche. Quite a list.

A lot of that can be fixed by good-looking, truly affordable, longer range electric cars and a slew of them is exactly what's coming. This list pulls together five cars to watch, each with range that is good enough for 80% of Americans and a sticker price that is really affordable - not Tesla affordable. 

Here's a quick peek at the list, watch the video to find out how I got there:

5 - VW iD VW has to get serious about electrics, they killed off the market for the previous secret sauce.

4 - Hyundai Ioniq EV.  I'm driving this guy as I write this. Hyundai is getting serious about Prius killing.

3 - Hyundai electric SUV. This makes Hyundai the only player with two cars on my list, and it's a moonshot for them.

2 - Ford electric crossover. Ford's board just went through the exec suite like Ex-Lax; Putting a fire under electrics was a big reason why.

1 - Nissan Leaf. Not the current dopey Leaf, the second gen car that is coming soon. Nobody has more at stake in EVs than Nissan.