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Top 5 Cooley on Cars videos of 2019

From the Cybertruck to new speed limits, these were our best stories of 2019.

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It's a pleasure to be your co-pilot exploring car tech, and out of nearly 100 videos I brought you this year these five are the ones you thought were the best. They range from the most futuristic truck ever unveiled to the future of cars with video mirrors and the ways technology will limit how fast we drive. 

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5. Break in your electric car
This may sound like a trick, but EVs do have a sort of break-in period. The popularity of this video showed how many people are new to plug-in cars and want to figure them out. We haven't seen an era of mass automotive education like this in over 60 years.

4. Future car mirrors
The lowly car mirror is increasingly being joined by cameras and sensors. Since this video first posted, US regulators have formally opened up public comment on the idea of side-view cameras instead of mirrors, and video rearview mirrors spread beyond the Cadillac CT6 and into the aftermarket. You can buy one for your car:


This Gentex mirror isn't cheap, but it performs a little bit of magic by using a rear-mounted camera to make the back of your car disappear from vision while you're driving. This tech was previously available only on the Cadillac CT6.

3. 5 ways the Tesla Cybertruck made our jaws drop
This video should probably be at the top of the list since it came late in the year and still made it to No. 3. The Tesla Cybertruck's looks, capabilities, and on-stage presentation were all jaw-droppers. 

Tesla Cybertruck glass fail

Whoops. The craziest car unveil ever.


To this day I'm not sure if Tesla's entirely serious about this thing. All eyes will definitely be on the Model Y crossover, which is aimed squarely at the hottest sector of the US auto business. 

2. New tech to limit your speed
We do love our speed, so when I documented the imminent technologies that will keep you from driving too fast, you were all over it. From Volvo's pledge to limit its new cars to a top speed of 112 mph to even more aggressive tech that limits your car to the posted speed limit, your dander was up on this one.

1. Head gaskets: What are they and why do they blow?
This one sort of surprised me. A huge number of you wanted to learn about head gaskets, why they blow and why it costs so much to fix one. It goes to show that this ancient Achilles' heel of internal combustion engines is still screwing us over. Note: EVs don't have head gaskets!