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Top 11 videos from the Detroit auto show

Join CNET for a video tour of the new cars of the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

The Detroit auto show, officially known as the North American International Auto Show, is the first car show of the year. Held each January in the home of US car culture, it brings shiny new models, new car technology, and loads of automotive eye candy. CNET's Car Tech team was hard at week in Detroit over the last three days to cover the show and we're happy to show you the video highlights below.

1. 2015 Ford F-150
An all-aluminum body frame, a fuel-efficient engine, and some new body styling cues are highlights of the 2015 Ford F-150.

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2. 2015 Ford Mustang
The new Mustang isn't an entirely new story, but we're seeing it in the flesh as a convertible. It's more global looking, less parodic.

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3. 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
For when 460 horsepower just isn't enough, Chevy unleashes the new Corvette Z06 with at least 625 horsepower and some exotic styling cues as well.

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4. BMW M4 Coupe
At the 2014 Detroit auto show, BMW rolls out the M4 Coupe with a powerful motor and some new technology in the cabin.

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5. 2015 Lexus RC
Lexus' answer to the late, lamentable second generation SC is the much sharper RC coupe which evokes an IS in coupe form but far more curvaceously.

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6. Toyota FT-1 concept
Toyota brings back the spirit of the Supra and its racing heritage with the FT-1 concept, which unfortunately won't be produced but you can drive it in the new Gran Turismo game.

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7. Acura TLX concept
What happens if you merge an Acura TSX and a TL? You get the Acura TLX concept, of course. Although it is still a concept, it has the potential to go into production sometime soon.

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8. 2015 Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai refreshes the Genesis giving it an aluminum frame, AWD, and a few other luxuries that put it in Mercedes-Benz territory.

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9. 2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4
The new 911 has been a big hit in coupe and cab form, but we've been lacking the Targa model that Porsche owns a trademark on. Not any more!

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10. Kia GT4 Stinger concept
The Kia GT4 Stinger concept is the sports car concept that nobody saw coming at the 2014 Detroit auto show, but we really hope it will make it to production.

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11. 2015 BMW 2 Series
In the confusing model shifts of BMW, 3 Series lost two doors and became the 4 Series, and the 1 Series became the all-new 2 Series.

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