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Top 10 awesome wagons you can't have

As the U.S. auto market moves toward SUV, CUVs, SAVs, and XUVs, CNET Car Tech ponders the world's best station wagons.

Holden Commodore Sportwagon SS-V
We almost got a version of this Aussie wagon, rebadged as a Pontiac G8. Unfortunately, Pontiac has now gone belly-up. Fail. Holden/General Motors

It's that time of year again when automakers are announcing new models left and right. However, as the U.S. auto market begins to fill up with more CUVs, SAVs, and other-UV amalgamations, such as the Honda Crosstour, the BMW 5-Series Grand Touring, and the Toyota Venza, I can't help but notice that fewer and fewer automakers are offering tried-and-true station wagons anymore.

As a lover of nimble vehicles with a lot of trunk for my junk, I can't help but be a little sad to see this turn of events. Sure, we've got a few ho-hum Avants and Estates from the European manufacturers, but take a look across the pond in either direction and you'll see that, in the rest of the world, the wagon is alive, well, and very exciting!

With that in mind, I've compiled my Top 10 awesome wagons that are not available in the U.S. for your perusal and consideration. Pop over to the gallery, take a look, then head back here and share your favorite wagons of all time.