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Tony Stewart Wins 2009 All Star Race

My blog theme for this week is NASCAR, and the first installment in this series takes a look at Tony Stewart winning the 2009 Sprint Cup All Star Race.

A couple weeks ago, I dedicated a week to looking at redneck cars and racing. Part of that series included a video of fabulous NASCAR crashes. As it turns out, NASCAR has been in the news a lot lately for numerous reasons, so I decided to dedicate my blog this week to NASCAR.

This first video comes fresh from this past weekend's 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup All Star Race. The race was a "who's who" of modern NASCAR royalty (including Dale Earnhardt, Jr.), but it came down to the final lap with Tony Stewart ultimately getting past race leader Matt Kenseth to win the race. I love it when these races come down to the very last lap as it makes for a thrilling victory, and this one's got to be up there with some of the best NASCAR finishes.