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TomTom updating GO Live flagship series

TomTom unveiled the successors to its Live connected PND, the GO 950, 750, and 550 Live.

The TomTom GO 750 Live, er, 950 Live? Or is it the 550 Live? They all look the same to me.
TomTom improves its Live lineup with three new models. TomTom

TomTom unveiled the successor to its GO 740 Live connected PND, and it's called the GO 750 Live. Like any good sequel, this one adds more characters to the mix in the form of two additional Live models, the GO 950 Live and the GO 550 Live.

All three Live models will feature a wireless data connection for receiving traffic data, fuel prices, and performing Google Local Searches. Additionally, the three models will also all feature TomTom's IQ Routes technology and the free MapShare service for user-generated map updates. An Eco Route option has been added to the routing options in a bid to compete with Garmin's EcoRoutes.

The only real difference between the GO 750 Live and 550 Live is the map data. The 550 ships with only regional maps, while the 750's map data is more expansive.

The top-of-the-line GO 950 Live features even more preloaded maps (U.S., Canada, and 45 countries in Europe) as well as TomTom's Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT), which uses an internal gyro to detect vehicle movement even when satellite signal is lost--such as when traveling through a tunnel.

TomTom hasn't announced pricing yet, but we expect the models to hover somewhere around the $400 price range. The TomTom GO 950, 750, and 550 Live will be available starting fall 2009.

Update: We've been informed by TomTom that the upcoming GO 950, 750, and 550 are Europe-only models that will not be available for purchase in North America.