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TomTom unveils map-updating service

GPS manufacturer TomTom announces Map Update Service, a subscription-based service that provides quarterly map updates.


On Thursday, TomTom introduced a new plan for delivering map updates to its customers. Dubbed TomTom Map Update Service, the subscription-based service brings quarterly map updates for a one-time fee as low as $39.80 or $9.95 per map release.

The service is available starting today. If you subscribe, you will be alerted to new updates when you connect your GPS devices to your PC and the TomTom Home service (the company's free desktop software). From there, you'll be able to download the maps, which reflect all road changes that have been verified by TeleAtlas. The update includes whichever map or map set comes standard on the device.

As with all things, there's some fine print in terms of pricing. The cost of the update varies depending on TomTom model and the age of the map currently on the device, so it could be more than the advertised $39.80/$9.95 fee. You'll be given an estimate when you connect your portable navigation device to TomTom Home.

The Map Update Service joins TomTom's other map-update offering, TomTom Map Share, which allows users to make updates and corrections right on their GPS devices and then share them with the TomTom community. The company also has a 30-day latest-map guarantee, which entitles customers to a one-time free map download if a new map becomes available within 30 days of first use.