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TomTom One 140 S benefits greatly from the trickle-down theory

The TomTom One 140 S benefits greatly from feature trickle-down, bringing high-end features to an entry-level model without much price bloat.

Corinne Schulze/CNET

It's always the case that what is now premium tier will one day be entry level. That's just the way it goes as products become more advanced and users more sophisticated.

Which brings us to the TomTom One 140 S. We've had a few short looks at the One 140 in previous weeks. At first glance, the One 140 S seems like the poster-child for entry-level portable navigation devices, with its small, 3.5-inch screen and unassuming form factor. However, look beneath the surface and you'll find features that were only available on TomTom's top-of-the-line unit this time last year, such as advanced lane guidance, downloadable fuel prices, and IQ Routes technology.

We did have a few nits to pick with the One 140 S, such as the EasyPort mount, which increases convenience by integrating the cradle into the device, but nearly doubles the device's thickness, hampering portability, and feels less stable than the lever-actuated suction cup on Garmin's cradles.

However, the TomTom's advanced feature set earns it a high rating in spite of our minor complaints. We'll have a close look at the One's larger sibling, the XL 340 S, and post it tomorrow. In the meantime, check our our full review of the TomTom One 140 S.