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TomTom debuts XL 340 and One 140 series GPS devices

TomTom announced today that it is rolling out a few new models: the TomTom XL 340/340S and the TomTom One 140/140S.

TomTom XL 340/S

TomTom announced Wednesday that it's rolling out a few new models: the TomTomXL 340 and 340S and the TomTom One 140 and 140S. The new units now include maps of Mexico, in addition to maps of the United States and Canada. Furthermore, TomTom's Advanced Lane Guidance feature trickles farther down the product lineup, as these new models gain the highly useful ability to display detailed information about major highway lanes and where they go.

TomTom One 140/S
The TomTom One 140/140S packs most of the features of the XL 340/340S into a smaller package. TomTom

The TomTom XL 340 and 340S are 4.3-inch wide-screen models that both feature TomTom Map Share, which allows users to upload corrections to TomTom's servers to be included in future updates (once verified), and IQ Routes, which is a system that learns the best way from point A to B using historical data. Building footprints in 3D help visual navigators to locate landmarks. The 340 and 340S models differ in that the 340S features text to speech for spoken street names.

The TomTom One 140 and 140S both feature similar feature sets to the larger 340/340S, only the 140 and 140S feature a smaller 3.5-inch wide screen. As is true with the larger models, the 140 and 140S are differentiated by the ability to convert text to speech.

The new TomTomXL 340 ($229.95) and 340S ($249.95) and TomTom One 140 ($179.95) and 140S ($199.95) will be available for purchase starting Wednesday.