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TomTom app for iPhone will multitask in iOS 4

TomTom is updating its app for iPhone to support the new multitasking function of iOS 4 for Apple devices.

TomTom iPhone app screenshot

Apple's unveiling this week of its new iOS 4 has developers' scrambling to support the operating system's new features in their apps. First out of the door is TomTom with its announcement that the its app for iPhone will be updated to support multitasking.

On Apple devices that support the multitasking function--the third-generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, and the upcoming iPhone 4--you will be able switch to another app while navigating and continue to receive their turn-by-turn directions from the TomTom app in the background. While the thought of sharing the road with multitasking drivers scares us, there are a few valid situations where this functionality could come in handy. For example, you could switch over to the Pandora app or Slacker radio to change music stations and still hear that a turn is coming up.

TomTom will be updating its app sometime following the June 24 release of the new iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 operating system. Current owners of the TomTom app will be able to upgrade and receive the new functionality for free. New users will be able to download the USA version or the US and Canada version for $39.99 and $49.99, respectively.