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TomTom announces XL 335S, new menu design

According to TomTom, the 335S features 'TomTom's newest user menu.'

You're not experiencing deja vu, this XL 335S is a new model.
The XL 335S features many of the same features as the XL 340S, with one very important exception. TomTom

I've always praised TomTom for its innovative features on its line of portable navigation devices (PNDs). But one thing about TomTom devices that has always stuck out at me like a sore thumb is the overly complex menu system. I've always preferred Garmin's simpler menu hierarchy. Those days of dissatisfaction may be behind me once I get my hands on the newest addition to TomTom's XL line of GPS navigators, the XL 335S.

According to TomTom, the 335S includes "TomTom's newest user menu with an elegant interface that features optimized icons for even easier navigation." Easier navigation means that I'm less likely to run into something while searching for the nearest gas station. Sign me up.

We used a photo of the TomTom XL 340S. But trust us, the 335S will look just like it.
Oddly, the most important change to the TomTom XL 335S isn't visible in any of the photos we were provided. TomTom

Aside from the updated menu interface, the XL 335S is almost identical to the TomTom XL 340S, which we've previously reviewed. Both devices feature text-to-speech, turn-by-turn direction, graphic lane guidance, and TomTom's MapShare and IQ Routes user-generated map update and routing algorithms. They even share a form factor. If the XL 340S' rapidly falling price is any indicator, the XL 335S will soon be replacing it in TomTom's lineup.

We hope to take a closer look at TomTom's new interface in the near future. And we hope it's good, because the updated menus will most likely be spreading to the rest of TomTom's line as part of the normal update cycle.