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Tomorrow's trucks may be brawny but lightweight

Automotive News reports on how future pick-up trucks will get better fuel economy without sacrificing capability.

Automotive News

With the Obama administration proposing fleet fuel-economy standards of 56.2 mpg for 2025, many pickup enthusiasts are fretting about the future of their vehicles.

Relax, says Richard Schultz, managing director of Ducker Worldwide, a leading consulting firm on vehicle weight reduction to General Motors, BMW, and numerous suppliers.

Full-sized pickups will shed about 1,000 pounds in the next decade but will retain their current size and capabilities, he says. Regular-cab full-sized pickups now weigh about 4,500 pounds.

How to lose half a ton? Pickups will use more high-strength steel and aluminum, he says. And turbocharged six-cylinder engines will be used widely.

(Source: Automotive News)