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Tommi Kaira builds the world's sexiest Prius

The humble Toyota Prius has found itself under the knife of Japanese vehicle modifiers Tommi Kaira.

Toyota Prius tuned by Tommi Kaira
Even the world's sexiest Prius is still just a Prius. Tommi Kaira

Apparently, the 2010 Toyota Prius was feeling a bit frumpy and has decided to shake things up with a new look. So, the humble hybrid has gone under the knife of Japanese vehicle modifiers Tommi Kaira. The result is a new, sexy look and not much else.

Post-op, the Prius' front bumper has been replaced by a more aggressive unit with an integrated lip spoiler and larger intakes. Updated side skirts and rear bumper round out the Prius' new look. Peeking from beneath the bumper is a dual-muffler, quad-tipped exhaust that probably sounds good, but most likely doesn't do any favors for the Prius' horsepower or fuel efficiency. Requisite larger wheels and tires and a lowered suspension round out the tuning package.

Rear view of Tommi Kaira Prius
I'm sure those quad-exhaust tips are really helping the Prius' 1.8-liter gasoline engine breathe. Tommi Kaira

You'll notice that we haven't mentioned any engine mods. That's because there aren't any. (Can you really call it "tuning" if you don't tune the engine?) The Tommi Kaira Prius makes its stock 134 horsepower and stock 50 mpg fuel economy rating. That is, if the aero upgrades haven't hurt Toyota's wind-tunnel-tested drag coefficient.

As long as changes are being made, I wonder if Tommi Kaira can do something about the Prius' dated DVD-based navigation system.