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Today: Funny video of Scion driver attempting to outrun Omaha Police

Today's blog post dedicated to some of the craziest police chase videos features a clueless driver who can't make up his mind on how to escape the Omaha police.

We've seen some thrilling police chase videos this week thus far. Today, I've decided to inject a little humor into this week's blog theme by bringing you video of an indecisive driver who can't seem to make up his mind about how to escape the Omaha police.

The driver of this box on wheels goes from driving opposite of incoming traffic (yikes!), does some circling around, and at the 1:28 mark (or so), this jackass stops the car and gets out in the middle of the highway for some unfathomable reason. Eventually, the police manage to trap this foolish driver as he exits the freeway. This video is hilariously awesome, and it boasts "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph as the soundtrack to boot (a song that many of you may recognize as being the theme music for late British comedian Benny in peace, funny man).