Tire recall: Continental needs to check 94,000 tires for possible tread loss

At least 203 tires are defective, the company said, but it needs to recall nearly 100,000 tires to be sure.

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Sean Szymkowski
Continental Tire

Check your tires.

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Check the rubber on your wheels because tire manufacturer Continental announced Thursday it's recalling 94,000 tires. These tires were either sold to auto manufacturers and equipped as standard equipment, or consumers purchased them when fitting new tires to their vehicles.

The issue at hand is the possibility for partial or total tread loss resulting from potential sudden air loss or belt edge separation. Note, the recall includes the General and Barum brands of Continental tires. Loss of tire tread increases the risk of a crash, and Continental said it's certain at least 203 tires are defective from a batch manufactured at its plant in Illinois. The company added it's not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the recall.

Consumers who purchased any of the tires, either via the aftermarket or with their current vehicle, will receive a mailed notification in the coming weeks. From there, Continental plans to replace the tires at no cost to customers.

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