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Tiger's finest versus Speedway bike

One-off cars are always going to be fun -- especially when they're built in a shed in the east of England and can hit 62mph from rest in less than 3 seconds. It's also fun to put them on sand up against a Speedway rider. As you do.

Alex Goy Editor / Roadshow
Alex Goy is an editor for Roadshow. He loves all things on four wheels and has a penchant for British sports cars - the more impractical the better. He also likes tea.
Alex Goy
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Tiger versus Lion
Watch this: Tiger versus Lion

The Tiger ZR6 is a silly car. It's made in a (big) shed in Anglia and has a silly, supercharged engine. It's also blisteringly fast -- indecently so. The slightest nudge on the throttle will light the rear tires up with no problem at all.

There is only one seat inside. Attached to that is a beefy harness to make sure the car doesn't spit you out at speed and there's a fire extinguisher hidden away should the worst happen and you decide to light up the engine...

Zero to 62mph takes less than 3 seconds, which is one hell of an experience in a well-appointed supercar, let alone a roofless shell. However, its tatty looks may lead you to believe that the Tiger has been haphazardly thrown together; this is not the case. Jim Durrant and his team have made a car designed for one thing and one thing only -- speed.

So what better vehicle to put it up against than a proper, bona fide Speedway bike? No brakes and all speed -- that's the order of the day here. Speedway riders are a special kind of crazy. They know they've no brakes and they know they have to keep going as fast as possible. They're also covered in a thin layer of protection. Most (myself included) would leave Speedway well alone.

So, how did the Tiger compare with the Speedway bike? Well, considering the lively nature of the car and the chap behind the wheel (Jim Durrant himself), rather well. It's simply a joy to drive and, as you'll see, can't fail to put a smile on your face. Or go sideways...