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Thunder Power SUV is not powered by thunder at all

The weirdly named company is gunning for Tesla with their new electric-SUV concept.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The oddly named Thunder Power car company is out for EV domination. Two years ago it showed an electric sedan concept here at the Frankfurt Motor Show and this week it revealed an SUV concept that combines an Italian design sensibility on the outside with a Zen-like calmness on the inside.

Thunder Power didn't supply a lot of specifics about the SUV. We know it's designed on a modular platform and the location of the battery allows for a low center of gravity, which should improve handling.


You'll excuse us for thinking of AC/DC's Thunderstruck when looking at the Thunder Power SUV. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Visually the SUV is arresting, with a large panoramic roof, no b-pillar and a grill that looks like it's trying to hypnotize you. The large interior features plenty of screens, gorgeous leather and a steering wheel that would be at home in a museum of modern art.

There are a lot of companies out to beat Tesla at its own game, and many of them get no further than a hand-built concept before running out of money and disappearing. Thunder Power doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It recently opened a factory in Ganzhou, China and will soon start construction on a manufacturing center in Spain, as well as a battery plant in Taiwan.

The sedan and a limited-edition coupe will be launched in 2019, with the SUV following in 2020.