Three million Ford Sync users strengthen the company's commitment to connectivity and tech

Ford announced North American subscribers to the company's Sync, in-car connectivity system, has reached 3 million.

Suzanne Ashe
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Suzanne Ashe
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Sync voice recognition is available in U.S. English, Canadian-French, and North American Spanish and will expand to 21 languages this year. This 2011 Ford Explorer is just one of the models that features Sync. Ford

From what I recall, Ford in 1971 offered "his and hers" Thunderbirds in The Christmas Book from Neiman Marcus. Retailing at $25,000 for the pair, the T-Birds were outfitted with the latest connectivity of the day. I have no idea how many of these special-edition T-Birds sold, but the built-in telephones and tape recorders must have seemed like spy tech to the drivers.

Then again, in 1971, there were about one-third the cars that are on the road today, and passengers serving as navigators would direct drivers to their destinations using complex and hefty Thomas Guide map books. Music from our favorite bands in the 1970s was delivered on 8-track tapes--with few exceptions--we all got used to our favorite songs having an interrupting break in them as the tape changed tracks.

As adoptive and adaptive technology goes, Ford Sync has caught on at an epic rate since its launch in late 2007. Ford this week announced that it had its 3 millionth Sync subscriber. Ford Sync offers hands-free calling, turn-by-turn direction assist, 911 operator assistance, and music search functions as well as traffic alerts, audible test messages, and other options.

Spy gear no more, the popular voice recognition and smartphone integration features are fueling the $395 option's popularity, the company said.

Sync and MyFord Touch are designed to keep the driver from being distracted whether the driver is making a call, requesting directions, or searching for a favorite tune.

"Ford Sync is clearly making a difference in our customer experience," said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president of U.S. marketing, sales, and service. "Not only is it proving to differentiate our products from the competition, Sync is becoming a key point of satisfaction."