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This Week: Worst new gas guzzlers

This week's video blog post takes a look at some of the biggest offenders in gas mileage for the current and upcoming year. Today's video features the Hummer H3 drifting in the snow, getting us ready for winter.


Not too long ago I delivered a few blog posts featuring some big-ol' gas guzzling SUVs like the Hummer and the Dartz Kombat. Well, I was sitting here stumped on what to write a blog about and I thought to myself that I hadn't done a full-fledged theme week with this video blog in a while, and from there I brainstormed what to do: this week's video blog posts are going to take a look at some of the worst new and ongoing offenders in gas mileage. And I figured since I was giving Hummer some air time recently, it's a sure bet to start this week with one of the biggest modern automotive offenders, the Hummer H3.

A recent article from suggested that the 2010 Hummer H3 Alpha was one of the 10 biggest gas guzzlers of the current/upcoming (depending how you look at it) year, and it's hard to argue. Averaging out at about 14 mpg between city and highway miles, it's hardly economical in this day and age.

Unfortunately, I had some trouble finding quality video featuring the Hummer H3, but I did stumble upon this clip featuring a recent H3 getting its drift on in the snow at the 2008 Arctic Challenge. Yeah, it's not the exact same vehicle I'm picking on for this post, but so what? It's fun, and it serves as a cold reminder that Old Man Winter is lurking just around the corner.