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This Week: Updating the Volkswagen Rabbit

This week's blog theme is all about the (now defunct) VW Rabbit, and the love its fans have for keeping their bunny hoppin'.

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I'm sure many of you observed or enjoyed the Easter holiday weekend with your families, and that those of you with kids may have been paid a visit to your home or local park by the Easter Bunny. While your young ones are probably big fans of this holiday creature, there are quite a few car geeks out there who are big fans of another kind of bunny--one that has four wheels and no fuzzy cottontail. In case you need me to spell it out, I'm talking about the little ol' Volkswagen Rabbit--a vehicle that has been rechristened the Golf off and on since its initial introduction to the automotive world in 1974, and actually the first time the Rabbit moniker was used when the car first hit North American shores. The last the time the Rabbit tag was put on this entry-level hatchback was in 2009, and once again the furless critter's name was changed back to the Golf (which I don't understand--calling it the Rabbit makes the little car sound like way more fun). Sigh.

There are several proud vehicle owners out there who have specific love for their Volkswagen Rabbits--some who like to keep their Rabbits just how they were in 1980s, and others who have chosen to mutate this VW compact into something with a little more edge. No matter which camp one may fall into, there's a lot of love out there for these bunnies, and that's what this week's videos are all about. Today's clip is a video slideshow of how one owner took his beat-up 1984 VW Rabbit, gutted it, and thoroughly restored it from the interior, exterior, and everything in between. And end result looks pretty darn nice for a car over a quarter of a century old. Nice job, guys!