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This Week: The Baja 500

My blog this week takes a look at what is arguably the most dangerous off road race in modern history, the Baja 500.

While flipping through the channels on my TV this week, I saw an advertisement for the show "Jesse James is a Dead Man" on Spike TV. This particular week's episode was about Jesse's preparation to race in the Baja 500, an off road race that is often considered the most dangerous race in modern times. So with this enticement, I've decided to feature my log this week to the notorious Baja races.

For the uninitiated , The Baja 500 is an off road race that takes place in Ensenada, Mexico and encompasses motorcycles, ATVs, and trophy trucks. The race winds through cities, deserts, mountains and cliffs, and the race typically takes about 9 hours to complete. Its dangerous reputation comes not only from its off road atmosphere but also from potential set-ups such as booby traps, sand dunes, water and pits along the way. This race has been responsible for multiple deaths of both drivers and spectators, and is breath taking both in concept and execution.

This video here is a compilation of Baja 500 races past, and it features the variety of vehicles that participate in the race including motorcycles, ATVs and trophy trucks. It's a fun little promo for what Baja 500 is all about, but trust me it isn't all fun jumps and sand dust. This week we will get to see both the good, the bad, and the ugly of what Baja is all about.