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This Week: MY Favorite Cars (Today: The Pontiac Fiero)

This week I dedicate my blog to some of my favorite cars - today's edition is dedicated to the Pontiac Fiero.

This last weekend hosted the 33rd birthday of my life. Hooray! When I was making my wish list for all the great things I wanted to receive (but didn't) for my birthday, I also started thinking about some dream cars that I would love to own. So this week, I've dedicated my blog to my favorite cars that I wish to own one of these days.

One car I've always wanted to own was the Pontiac Fiero. My parents always advised me against getting one (y'know, with that whole "the engine might catch fire" thing). If you see one on the road nowadays, the Fiero has more than likely been restored. This video details the piece-by-piece restoration of a 1988 Pontiac Fiero, and boy does this thing look awesome. This is the only car that can be painted yellow or orange that I could stare at all day. Beautiful.