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This week is all about car stereos, baby!

Car stereo systems are always fun eye and ear candy, so why not have a video blog dedicated to this very subject? Dive in and let's do it!

I ended last week's blog with a video and blurb about the new lightweight, energy-efficient stereo system designed for the 2011 Chevy Volt by Bose. And then I realized that I'd never done a full-fledged blog theme week about car stereos. But better late than never, right?

And so here I start a new theme all about car stereo systems, how they work, and how they're installed. And just to whet our appetites, I have a video of European cars being made over into bass-thumpin' beat machines. Unfortunately I don't have any specs on the components seen here, but it's eye candy and what car enthusiast doesn't appreciate a cool car stereo? So sit back and enjoy, and tomorrow we'll get technical on car stereo systems. Cheers!