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This week: Awesome police chase videos!

This week we're serving up some of the craziest, most exciting police chase videos on the Web. Today's clip shows the fuzz in pursuit of a Corvette that meets an untimely end thanks to a semitruck.

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As you probably know by now, I'm a sucker for videos full of fast cars. And as you may have noted a couple of weeks ago, I'm also a fan of the show "Jesse James is a Dead Man" on Spike TV. In a recent episode, Jesse takes his custom-modified muscle car on a chase through the desert, with the object being to see if the police can actually catch him. Apparently, real police officers from Orange County were used in performing this stunt, and sure enough, the police finally catch Jesse when his tires give out and ends up riding the last part of this chase on his rims.

So as you may have guessed by now, those police chase shows that are on late-night cable are a guilty pleasure of mine. And with this timely prompting I have determined that this week's video blog will be dedicated to some crazy yet awesome police chase videos.

Since I thoroughly enjoyed the scenic southern California desert setting for Jesse James' race against the police, I sought out a similar police chase video to kick things off. As originally presented on "World's Wildest Police Videos" (incidentally, another program on Spike TV), we see a stolen Corvette speeding through the Arizona highway at speeds close to 200 mph. When the Corvette begins weaving through traffic lined with huge semitrucks, the car begins to fishtail and smacks right into the rear of a third tractor truck. Despite being hurled at triple-digit speed, the driver somehow manages to escape with little damage.