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This Week: A Salute to the Mini Cooper

First of five blog posts this week in a salute to the Mini Cooper both past and present.


When I took on doing this blog, my plan was to have a theme for each week's postings. I had a few ideas for themes this week, but those plans were thrown out the window when a chance meeting with a Mini Cooper took place.

I was going to my local parking lot to pick up a Zipcar for an afternoon road trip (it was a Toyota Prius, if you must ask) when I noticed a shiny vintage Cooper Mini sitting in the nearby parking garage. It was a bright red 1970 Mini - not one of the convertible models, but it was an imported beauty with the steering wheel on the right hand side and a $20,000 price tag. If only I had twenty grand just sitting around...

So to kick off my tribute this week to the Mini, I've included a video giving the viewer a close look at a 1970 Mini Cooper very similar to the one I saw in the parking lot this last weekend. In this video you get a look under the hood, the body, the wheels, and inside the car as well. It may not be the most exciting vid you've ever seen, but car geeks like me who appreciate the details of such a fine automobile should appreciate this.