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This Week: A Salute to Bad Ass American Rides

As a prelude to the Fourth of July holiday, this week's video blog pays tribute to the rich heritage of bad ass American cars. Today, we kick things off with a Super Muscle Car Shootout!


This coming weekend, our country will be celebrating the annual Fourth of July holiday. And what better way to celebrate the rich history of the USA than with a week long tribute to some of the most bad ass American automobiles ever made? I sure can't think of a better way, so here we go with the Super Muscle Car Shootout!

This web video is actually a trailer for the Muscle Car Shootout that aired on the Speed Channel in 2006, but the cars showcased here are simply timeless. Some of the most powerful American performance car classics are showcased here, including the Baldwin Motion Camaro, Royal Bobcat GTO Ram Air IV, AMC Hurst Scrambler and more. These types of cars and their historic charm are part of what makes me proud to be an American, and I proudly salute these fine American automobiles and the others that I plan on featuring in this week's blog.