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This Military 6666 Nissan Silvia is the stuff dreams are made of

People have their own tastes, but Satomi Nakawatase's Nissan Silvia is cool no matter who you are.

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Everyone has his own preferences. Whether it's red wine over white, lamb over steak, or...whatever, you like what you like and there's nothing anyone can say to change that.

In this case, Satomi Nakawatase's passion for plastic model soldiers became the inspiration for his car. He wanted something that not only looked awesome, but reflected his personality.

His desire to build a "robotlike" car with military elements was, luckily for him, realized, and it's quite a looker.

Finished in matte gray with military detailing, Nakawatase's creation certainly pulls in a crowd. I mean, it even comes with a floor-embedded missile for added effect.

Under the skin he's left his engine stock, though added a Greddy turbo for a bit of extra go. He's tuned the suspension for stance, making it look as though it's ready to jump over anything in its way. The wheels are particularly impressive: 16-inch Mickey Thompsons sit at each corner, though they're 10 inches wide to give a pretty epic footprint.

This is a labor of love. It's the type of car that can only be built for one person. It'll be shown off, loved, driven for special occasions, and enjoyed by those who see it.

Think back to when you were a kid. How many times did you idly doodle the car of your dreams in the back of a notebook? It may have had wings and been utterly impractical, but at least you dared to dream your ideal ride.

Now imagine going one step further and finding an awesome car to use as a canvas, then actually seeing it through.

What we've got here isn't only one man's dream project come to life, but proof that with enough will, you can do it your own way and drive your dream.