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This is the next Camaro to earn the Bumblebee name

We have a nagging feeling that Chevrolet will eventually sell a new Camaro with a silly Transformers badge on the side, as it has in the past.


It's not a "Transformers" movie without Bumblebee. And it's not Bumblebee without a proper General Motors tie-in. While the second-most-famous Autobot (you can't top Optimus Prime) has transformed into several different cars through the whole series' history, when it comes to the current cinematic universe, he's 100 percent Camaro, baby. And that's not going to change for the next movie.

In a tweet over the weekend, director Michael Bay showed off the next generation of Bumblebee, appropriately modeled after the newly released 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. Of course, it's not exactly the same as the production model -- it's loaded with aerodynamic bits that aren't present on any current Camaro trim. The Autobot badge is slapped right on the front fender, too, because why wouldn't it bee? (Man, that was a terrible pun.)

Chevrolet has yet to talk about it, but we wouldn't bee (OK, I'll stop) surprised if there is a Transformers-related special edition to follow the movie. Back in 2012, Chevrolet offered a a special-edition Camaro with unique badges, a more aggressive exterior appearance package, and the ability to option the car out to include some of Bumblebee's kit, like ground effects and special wheels.

The next installment in the series of explosions that is the "Transformers" franchise will come out...oh, who am I kidding -- no one will be able to avoid the advertising machine that will accompany this flick. You'll know when it comes out, because it'll be impossible to not know.