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This is the EV that Infiniti has been promising

Insiders have said that Infiniti will produce an EV version of its Essence Coupe concept. Does this sketch look like it?


Infiniti just released a sketch on its Facebook page of the electric sports car that it's been promising. And if you squint, it kind of looks like the Essence Coupe concept. The only clear thing in the photo is the Infiniti logo, which gives plenty of wiggle room for it to look pretty much like any (and every) coupe.

From Infiniti's Facebook page:

It's a big news day at Infiniti. First off, we're excited to share with you a sketch of the forthcoming Infiniti EV zero emissions vehicle, coming in 2013. Second, the IPL G Convertible Concept will be introduced next week at the Paris Motor Show--and we've got pics. Finally, we're confirming that a new entry-level luxury vehicle is joining our line-up in the future. What's most exciting to you?