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This is Scion's last new vehicle ever

The brand will have its last hurrah at the New York Auto Show, complete with old concepts, projects and -- of course -- free swag.


The New York International Auto Show is all about exciting new cars, but there will be a tinge of sadness permeating the Javits Center this year. It's Scion's final auto show. But Toyota's value brand isn't done just yet -- in fact, there's one new model still up its sleeve.

The 2016 Scion tC Release Series 10.0 isn't technically a new model -- it's just an aesthetically touched-up tC with a few performance bits. Power still comes by way of a four-cylinder mated to either automatic or manual transmissions, but its performance has been slightly enhanced thanks to a Toyota Racing Division (TRD) exhaust and lowering springs.

The design tweaks come by way of Kei Miura, a man used to building some far-out Japanese body kits. The Scion bits -- including a front lip spoiler, rear deck and lower spoilers and rocker panels -- are slightly aggressive, but they bear little resemblance to the Rocket Bunny kits Miura is well known for. Something a bit crazier would have been a fitting farewell for Toyota's quirky little offspring.

Along with the tC, Scion is bringing several old concepts to New York. Its Slayer-branded tC will make an appearance, along with one of its oldest concepts, the 2002 BBx. Scion's entire life will be on display at the show, and while we hate to see it go, most every model will live on as a Toyota. The tC, sadly, won't be back after New York.

Good night, sweet prince.