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This Formula 1 simulator is made from a real Williams F1 car

That's one way to make the simulator as realistic as possible.

CXC Simulations

If you're going to build a racing simulator for Formula 1, you may as well go all out and build it using an actual Formula 1 car.

CXC Simulations, a manufacturer of some very good racing simulators for both amateurs and professionals, built a custom Formula 1 simulator for Norwegian Cruise Lines. While some companies might offer a simulator that maybe resembles a Formula 1 car, CXC went above and beyond, using Nico Rosberg's decommissioned 2009 Williams FW31.

Converting the FW31 for simulator duty was a long task. It took CXC eight months and 400 man-hours, but the result is worth it. It packs a force-feedback steering wheel, surround-sound audio, adjustable pedals and 235 inches' worth of screen space.

The simulator will live on the "Norwegian Joy," a cruise ship with home parts in Shanghai and Tianjin, China. The cruise ship will also house four CXC Motion Pro II simulators, which use virtual reality. We took that rig for a spin last year and walked away very impressed.

I wouldn't just use this for simulations -- I'd live in the darn thing.

CXC Simulations
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