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Think promotes eco-tourism in the Swiss Alps

M-Way is teaming up with Think City to make 60 EVs available for rent through Swiss eco-tourism group, Alpmobil.

A fleet of 60 Think EVs wll be available as a trial during peak European holiday season until end of September 2010.
A fleet of 60 Think EVs wll be available as a trial during the peak European holiday season until the end of September 2010. Think

Tourists can now tour the breath-taking Swiss Alps without hurting the environment.

Scandinavian EV maker, Think today announced it has teamed up with its Swiss distribution partner, M-Way, to bring a fleet of 60 Think City cars to eco-tourists.

For about $57, or 60 Swiss francs, a day, tourists will be able to rent a Think City car through Alpmobil. Unfortunately the Web site is only available in German, but it can be easily translated by using Google's translation tool. It works, I tried it.

"This trial program fits perfectly with Alpmobil's philosophy, and we are proud to have made a start and to show both the public and other resorts in sensitive regions that driving ecologically and without noise pollution is possible, affordable and fun," said Dionys Hallenbarter from Alpmobil.

I can predict most tourists' first thought: "What if I get stuck at the top of the mountain with a dead battery?"

Good news: There are more than 20 battery-charging points that have been installed in the area--powered by renewable hydroelectric-generated electricity derived from local mountain waters, reservoirs, and dams.

"Sustainability in business is at the heart of Migros' ethos, and M-Way is our means of delivering the transportation element of this plan," said Daniel Hofer, Migrol CEO and project head at M-Way. "Through projects like this with Alpmobil we are leading the way in delivering clever but simple solutions and bringing them into the mainstream. This initiative is a perfect example of this, and as the EVs are powered by locally sourced renewable electricity, the offer boasts 100 percent carbon-free transportation to explore the beautiful and unspoilt valleys, mountains and pass roads in the region of Goms and Haslital."