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The XCAR review of 2013: November/December

In our final video review of 2013, we talk about the all-new Mini and our time at Pagani.

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Here's our look at the new Mini -- it's a looker in metal.

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A massive highlight for the team was the chance to interview Horacio Pagani, a true Renaissance Man and a modern day Ferrari Enzo.

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Pagani's latest creation, the Huayra, was an incredible car to drive. We're very lucky at XCAR.

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Here are the galleries on the Pagani Huayra, a sight to behold.

That's all from the team for 2013. We'd like to thank you for supporting us, watching our films and generally being a wonderful group of people. Have a great 2014 and stay tuned to XCAR, because we have a fair bit planned.