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The Ujet is your next swanky and stylish electric scooter

There are plenty of electric transportation solutions at CES 2018, but none as splashy as the Ujet.

Looking for a jaunty new way to get around the city? Today at CES 2018, Luxembourgian company Ujet showed off its urban runabout, with lots of style and plenty of verve.


The Ujet boasts 66 pound-feet of all-electric instant torque.

Josh Miller/CNET

There are two different battery packs, one that stores enough go-go juice for 70 miles of range, another that ups it to 90 miles. An optional supercharger can fill the battery in just two hours, but expect it to be up to six hours with the standard system. The best part is that you can get that quick charge even out of a standard household outlet.

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The battery pack is located under the seat, so don't expect much in terms of storage. However, it's designed to separate from the scooter so folks can charge the battery pack wherever they need to, be that in the office or living room.


Check out that cool orbital wheel!

Josh Miller/CNET

The Ujet only boasts about five and a half horsepower, so it's really only usable in urban environments. However, with 66 pound-feet of instant electric torque on hand and a curb weight of just 108 pounds, expect the cruise to 28 miles per hour to be quite fun indeed.

There is plenty of built-in tech like GPS, bluetooth, two USB ports and a dashcam. There's also WiFi with 4G connectivity and a telematics app to unlock the Ujet, monitor battery level and even disable the scooter if someone, you know, picks it up and carries it away.

The Ujet is even customizable, to an extent. Five colors are offered as well as two different seat designs and heights. The spoke-free orbital wheels really give the Ujet its fashionable stance. Future accessories are on tap for storage.

The company expects to launch in here in the States in the summer of 2018, with an expected starting price of just under $10,000.

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