The TruckHouse BCT is an epic high-tech Toyota Tacoma overlander

Unfortunately, it's also $285,000 to start.

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Kyle Hyatt
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The TruckHouse BCT definitely looks the business and we want one.


Listen, people love the idea of overlanding. I mean, even before the pandemic and being stuck at home all the time, the idea of hopping into your specially prepared expedition vehicle and disappearing into the wilderness was pretty appealing, and now, it's damn-near thirst-inducing.

That's why we're so into this TruckHouse BCT camper thing, which TruckHouse announced on Wednesday. It's based on a brand-spanking-new TRD Pro, but instead of a bed, it's got a lightweight, full-featured camper built onto the back of the frame. It's fantastic, and we want one, although there's a catch.

Unfortunately, that catch is the rather heinous price tag that TruckHouse has attached to its product: $285,000. Now, that's a reasonably staggering dollar figure, but what's even crazier is the fact that it's only the starting price. A fully optioned version could cost upwards of $350,000. If you're playing along at home, you'll no doubt realize that you could get a very nice Rolls-Royce Cullinan for that much money.


It looks bulky, but high-tech materials help keep weight down on the camper.


OK, so what do you get for your hard-earned greenbacks? In addition to the brand new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro (which is around $45,000 on its own), you get a carbon-fiber-reinforced-composite camper shell that weighs approximately 500 pounds empty. 

You also get a beefed-up long-travel suspension, chonky off-road tires, a snorkel, re-geared differentials and an automatic awning. Things aren't exactly barren inside the shell, with a queen-size bed, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, Bosch appliances  and other niceties. You're not going to be roughing it.

Is it excessive? Yes. Is it wildly, almost unconscionably expensive? Also yes. Is it insanely, mind-bendingly cool and desirable? You bet your ass it is, and now we just have to figure out how to get TruckHouse to loan us one so Emme Hall can disappear into the desert with it for a few days.

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