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The Stig flies a couple of hybrids

Top Gear tests the Honda Insight against the Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius isn't the kind of car you'd expect Top Gear's Stig to drive. Josh Miller/CNET

Prius wheel
The Prius takes to the air. Top Gear

In an amusing little photo gallery over at the Top Gear site, the Stig, the famed tame racing driver, gets the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius off the ground. The feature promises a lot at the beginning (just like we are doing here), but proceeds with a fairly standard test between the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, mostly comparing them on fuel economy and drivability through London and at the Millbrook test track.

But they eventually come to the good stuff, describing what happens when Stiggy starts doing laps in the Prius and the Insight. Top Gear even reaches a verdict about which is the best car, although it's based entirely on fuel economy, unlike our more encompassing Prizefight between these two hybrids. Which explains why we reached a different conclusion.

But enough spoilers, check out Stigs might fly.