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The (other) winner is: The 2010 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion won the award for Car of the Year at the Detroit auto show. Here's a closer look at another winner for Ford Motor Co.

The last few days I've given air time to the vehicle that won the North American Truck of the Year award this week at the Detroit auto show: the Ford Transit Connect. But apparently Ford doubled its pleasure in the Motor City by winning the other award for North American Car of the Year, and the recipient was Ford's hot new Fusion hybrid sedan.

This road test video examines both the six-cylinder edition of the Fusion as well as the four-cylinder hybrid version of this award winner. If you're expecting flash and excitement, then this video isn't for you. But if you want the lowdown on the appeal of this hot American hybrid sedan then this video will give you the details you need to discern the merits of this vehicle. There are a handful of not-so-great aspects of this car, but overall Ford got it right with the Fusion and there are plenty of reasons why this car is a trophy winner.