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The next Rolls-Royce Phantom looks smooth in new teaser

There isn't much to glean from it, but you can reasonably expect it to be the most luxurious car on the road.

Rolls-Royce has only ever released seven generations of its flagship Phantom. Ahead of the eighth generation's reveal in late July, Rolls-Royce released a teaser, and Phantom VIII is lookin' good.

The teaser gives us a little bit to work with, but not much. Sure, the Spirit of Ecstasy remains front and center on the hood, but that was expected. The headlight appears slightly different, perhaps a bit thinner, with a seriously bright running light along its border. The front end's edges look a bit smoother than on Phantom VII, too.

You'll never appreciate the Phantom's scale unless you catch one in person. It is imposing.


That's about all we can see, really. Aside from a hint of its grille in an official video, which we pointed out yesterday, Phantom VIII remains shrouded in mystery. We believe that it should ride on an aluminum-intensive platform, similar to the forthcoming Project Cullinan SUV. It should look, drive and feel like nothing else in the industry, which you should expect from a car costing north of $400,000.

All will be revealed soon enough. Rolls-Royce will lift the veil on Phantom VIII on July 27 at 4 p.m. Eastern, and we'll have photos and video for you to peruse at that time. Until then, start saving those pennies -- you'll need a whole lot of 'em.