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The National Sprint Car Series in action

The final installment in this week's salute to USAC racing is a video from the Sprint Car Championship event at Perris Auto Speedway on February 28, 2009.


This week's video blog theme featuring USAC racing has been some of the best fun I've had since I've been a writer for this Web site. And I thought there wouldn't be a better way to end the week than with a fun video starring USAC Sprint Cars.

This particular vid comes from the current season of the National Sprint Car Series at the "Sokola Shootout," a 30-lap competition that took place at Perris Auto Speedway in California earlier this year. It's an entertaining 8-minute clip featuring flips, crashes, and wheels spinning in the dirt--it's never a dull moment here. At about the 8:20 mark, the Sokola Shootout declares a winner in Rickie Gaunt as he gets the checkered flag at the finish line.