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The Modern Jaguar XJ Sedan

Web video from the Geneva auto show featuring the 2009 Jaguar XJ Sedan and its features.

In keeping with the Jaguar salute theme for this week, I thought we should jump back to the present day to marvel at the sleek and sophisticated 2009 model of the Jaguar XJ Sedan.

This video comes from the 2008 Geneva auto show, and features the Portfolio edition of Jaguar's flagship sedan. While I know a lot of people have criticized modern Jaguar sedans as looking more like a Ford than a Jag, this beauty is still shiny and plush...just like the Jags I know and love. However, this Big Cat's got a few more bells and whistles than my 1988 Jaguar XJ6, including air-conditioned seats (no more scorching from hot leather seats!), a built-in entertainment center, and a navigation system. If you've got the dough, Jaguar's got a sweet ride for you.