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The Mini Electric

A video that depicts the new eco-friendly Mini Cooper that will be available to Californians in 2009.


In these supposedly more enlightened times, everyone wants to "go green" or be more "eco-friendly". Our hippie-minded friends at have produced a video informing eco-minded drivers of a cool way to help the environment - the fully electric Mini Cooper E.

As is noted in the video, BMW has produced 500 electric Mini Coopers that will be available to Californians in 2009 based on the success of the 2008 electric Mini models that were produced. As if they weren't small enough before, the Mini Cooper E has no back seats as the extra room is required for the battery (which can even be plugged into a conventional wall socket for recharging). Maybe this will finally convince my mom to buy one of those "hybird" cars (yes, I am aware that I misspelled hybrid).